Hideho Sasatake

More Detail

From the 23rd to the 29th August 1995, I participated in the "International Exchange Seminar in Psychological Counseling" held at UCLA. I would like to make a report on the seminar.

UCLA is located near a fashionable residential area in Los Angeles. When I visited UCLA, I was impressed by the large and the well-equipped psychopathology laboratory and hospital (where medical stuff from all over America gather), the tennis coat (where the US OPEN was held), and the library that is opened till midnight. What impressed me the most was undergraduate student's enthusiastic attitude to study. In American Universities, Students are in a competitive situation and students study hard everyday. Incidentally, at UCLA students must stop drinking and smoking. that is not the case at Japanese universities.

Some of the topics of the seminar were; violence in marriage, the level of education of a juvenile delinquent ; counseling and group work at the health administration center of UCLA; the treatment of autism; Family Therapy; the counseling of a sufferer; the actual state of starting counseling practices. I also observed the treatment of autism, and inspected the health administration center, hospital and therapy room.

I shall now cover some of the points mentioned above in more detail.